Cupcakes and Cakes Nottingham

The Ultimate Indulgence – Alcoholic Cakes and Cupcakes

Cupcakes and cakes in Nottingham custom made to celebrate your special moments.

At Cubecakes we bake cakes and cupcakes using our own recipes. All these recipes have been created after 5 years of experiments with out of the box alternative natural ingredients to produce truly Wedding Cake Nottinghamdelicious cakes. It takes more than butter, sugar, eggs and flour to bake a perfectly light and moist cake.

Christmas Cake DeliveryOur cakes are freshly made from scratch. Free from commercial cake mixes and preservatives. We take pride that only the highest quality ingredients are used in our creations. Anything less than this would fail to achieve the singularly decadent cakes that our clients have found themselves coming back for again and again.

Cubecakes are mostly known by our signature square and alcoholic cupcakesNottingham Forest Cake. Among our alcoholic range the favourites are Baileys and Piña Colada but we have plenty of flavours to delight even the fussiest of taste buds! Warning: Try them and there will be no going back. We do not use flavourings – this is the real deal.

fuschiacake-small.fwOur non-alcoholic menu is just as tantalising, offering both traditional and exotic flavours ranging from raspberry & white chocolate or vanilla to passion fruit and many others.